The work 20nov2019 was created for the Instagram and released in 20 November 2019 during the Black Consciousness Day, it uses multiple languages, visual, sounds, and some glitches, remixing the Racionais MCs song “Capítulo 4, Versículo 3” (1997), combined with a glitched picture of Marielle Franco, a Brazilian black woman who was brutally murdered by the police forces due to her work as congresswoman fighting for human rights.

In 2023, the work was accepted in the litElat Anthology vol 2 to be released in 2024.

software and source code

This work is made using Tone.js and pixi.js Javascript libraries to generate visuals, sound and to remix the Racionais MCs song “Capitulo 4, Versiculo 3” (1997).

Source code available at: codeberg.org/joenio/netart-20nov2019